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Caramel pumpkin pie, topped with cinnamon meringue.


9" Pumpkin pie, in a gram cracker crust, topped with a layer of salted caramel and Cinnamon meringue.

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Katie Weishoff
So good

This pie was a delicious taste explosion. If you like pumpkin pie but think it needs a little more excitement, this is the pie for you.

Utter perfection

This was pretty mind boggling. When it comes to pie I’ve definitely been around the block, I’ve tried them all. This one was by far the best interpretation of pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. Even my husband, a pie novice was impressed and reminded me to save him some when he saw me going back for another bite. Bravo Gemini!

Annette Noriega


Suzanne McMillen
Thanksgiving Desserts

Well, this was my first time and I know they are probably swamped this time of the holiday. But I ordered the pumpkin pie with the cinnamon meringue(sounded so decadent), it came to me with no cinnamon meringue. We also tried the challah for the first time and it was burnt on top. I wrote to them hoping to just bet charged for a regular pumpkin pie, but never heard back from them🤷🏻‍♀️ Though I’ve heard so many great things about Gemini Bakehouse. Maybe I just got them on an off day?