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Chicken OR Veggie Pot Pie 9”


House made. Chunks of chicken, carrots, onion, celery, peas. In a herb gravy with our all butter pie crust. 

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Garcia
Chicken Pot Pie

If you are looking for one of the best pot pies to get that comfort food fix, this is the place. You’re going to want to double up on them and keep the extra in the freezer. Owners are great and really nice!

Rose Mary Flint
Chicken Pot Pie

Where’s the chicken?! It was more of a vegetable pot pie, as I could not identify the chicken pieces. But the crust was outstanding!! I’ll order again..maybe it was an off day for this item.

Bruce Austin
The yummiest of all Chicken Pot Pies

My family loves this Chicken Pot Pie. For flavor and home-cooked comfort, this pie is well beyond anything available at local supermarkets, including Whole Foods. We’ve had two Gemini pies so far. The puffy, chewy crust combined with the gravy-covered, chunky filling is perfect. The chicken chunks (which seem to be mostly white meat) are shredded just the way I like - perfect bites every time. Goes well with a glass of chilled Gerwerztraminer, Chablis, or a nice dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Some might judge this pie as a bit pricey at $40 each, but we’re a family of 4 and 1 pie is more than plenty for dinner. So, it's not too bad on a per-person basis, especially compared with going out for dinner, or even ordering take-out in many cases. Highly recommend, and like all of the Gemini Bakery products we’ve enjoyed, the quality of ingredients combined with the “assembled-with-love” aspect is truly super-high.

Christine Cadena

Delicious homemade crust and a savory nostalgic filling!

Great for the entire family!

Thick flaky crust with whole large chunks of potato, carrots and chicken! Also, a pet peeve of mine is when a bakery will not put enough filling inside or it is dry/soggy by the time it reaches you. This pot pie is perfection! Crust holds up and the filling is moist and tasty. Great for adults and kids. All 3 of my kids wanted more. I learned to order more than one now! My new favorite way to take a break from cooking during covid. Warm it up, serve and everyone is happy.

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